Pay as You Go Pricing

With our Pay as You Go plan, you gain access to all of our standard text and image APIs, including:

  • Text: Sentiment Analysis, Text Tags, Political Analysis, Languages, People, Places, Organizations, Personality, Personas, Emotions, Summarization, PDF Extraction
  • Image: Facial Emotion Recognition, Facial Features, Facial Localization, Content Filtering
  • Custom Solutions: Custom Collection, Text Features, Image Features

Every Pay as You Go customer receives 10,000 free API calls per month, as well as:

  • Discounted pricing for high volumes
  • Shared public cloud-based deployment
  • Email support
  • No commitment or credit card required 

The chart below shows the different pricing tiers depending on your API call volume. You can enroll in pay as you go by clicking the account link after logging in. You can see our standard enterprise pricing here.

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