Tutorial #1: Getting Started with Indico (Python)

Pull up your favorite code editor (We recommend Atom).

1. Create a new file and save it as trying-indico.py

2. Add the following line to the top of this file:

import indicoio

This imports the indicoio package that contains several functions that will help you access indico's machine learning APIs.

3. Get your indico API key by signing up for indico. You get 10,000 free calls per month to test as much as you need. You’ll find your API key at the top of your dashboard once you log in.

4. Add it to the script!

indicoio.config.api_key = "Paste your API Key here, inside the quotation marks"

5. There are a bunch of APIs available – visit our docs to get set up with one (or a few!) of them. Switch the code snippets to python .

Now you're ready to move on to the next step: making your first API call! You can also check out all the different kinds of APIs indico provides and learn more about what they do

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